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Overview of Convergence Online Help


Address Book


Instant Messaging


Setting Global Preferences

How Do I Customize General Preferences?

How Do I change my Password?

How Do I Set a Theme in Convergence?

Setting Mail Preferences

How Do I Set the General Preferences in Mail?

How Do I Set a Signature for the Messages I Compose?

How Do I Set the Layout of the Messages in my Inbox?

How Do I Enable Automatic Forwarding of Messages?

Mail Filters

How Do I Create a New Filter?

How Do I Edit a Filter?

How Do I Delete a Filter?


How Do I Set a Vacation Message?

Sender Identities

How Do I Set Identity Settings for my Default or External Accounts?

How Do I Remove an Identity Configured on Convergence?

Collecting Email From External Accounts

How Do I Configure Convergence to Collect Mails From Other Accounts?

How do I Remove an Existing External Account?


I Always want to Sign the Messages I send. How Do I Do this?

I Always want to Encrypt the Messages I send. How Do I Do this?

How do I Select a Signing Certificate for my Messages?

Setting Calendar Preferences

How Do I Customize Calendar Preferences?

Setting Instant Messaging Preferences

How Do I Customize Instant Messaging Preferences?


Sender Identities

Convergence enables you to create and manage additional email account profiles in addition to the default profile. You can create multiple profiles for accounts that allow POP access. By creating multiple profiles, you can manage your email from Convergence. The emails are collected in a designated folder (Inbox by default). You can send, receive, reply, or forward, emails by using Convergence, instead of using other services. To know more about how to collect email from external accounts, see Collecting Email From External Accounts.

User profiles created for external accounts are saved as identities in Convergence. These identities are displayed under the Mail options in a drop-down list. When working with emails, you can select any of the configured identities to send, reply, or forward emails.

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