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Convergence Online Help

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Overview of Convergence Online Help


Receiving E-Mails

How Do I Read a New Message?

How Can I Read an Encrypted or Signed Message Sent to me?

Sending Messages

How Do I Compose and Send a New Message?

How Do I Reply To a Message?

How Do I Forward a Message?

How Do I Check Spelling in My Message?

How Do I Add Contacts from Address Book?

How Do I Ask For a Return Receipt When I Send a Message?

How Do I Respond To a Message That Asks For a Return Receipt?

How Can I Send an Encrypted or Signed Message?

Searching Messages and Attachments

How Do I Search For a Message?

Attachment Search

Viewing Attachments

What Actions Can I Perform on my Attachments?

How Do I Search for an Attachment Using Filters?

Managing Messages

What Actions Can I Perform On My Message(s)?

Mail Quota

How Do I View my Overall Mail Quota Information?

How Can I Check my Mail Quota Usage for a Particular Folder?

Managing Spam Messages

How Do I Mark a Message as Spam or Not Spam?

How Do I Delete a Message?

How Do I Print a Message?

Attaching Files to Messages

How Do I Attach a File to Message?

How Do I View a File Attached to a Message?

How Do I Save a File Attached to a Message?

Sorting Messages

How Do I Sort Messages?

Managing Folders

How Do I Create a Folder?

How Do I Rename a Folder?

How Do I Delete a Folder?

Sharing and Subscribing to Mail Folders

How Do I Share Mail Folders With Other Users?

How Do I Subscribe to a Shared Folder?

How Do I Unsubscribe From a Shared Folder?

Address Book


Instant Messaging



How Do I Save a File Attached to a Message?

You can save attached files in .gif and .jpg file formats.

To save an attached file:

  1. Use the Save As function of your browser, or right-click the attachment's file name in the message header next to Attachments.

    A menu appears.

  2. Select Save Link As from the menu.

    The Save As dialog box appears.

  3. Type the name of the attachment in the File Name field.

  4. Click Save.