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Overview of Convergence Online Help


Receiving E-Mails

How Do I Read a New Message?

How Can I Read an Encrypted or Signed Message Sent to me?

Sending Messages

How Do I Compose and Send a New Message?

How Do I Reply To a Message?

How Do I Forward a Message?

How Do I Check Spelling in My Message?

How Do I Add Contacts from Address Book?

How Do I Ask For a Return Receipt When I Send a Message?

How Do I Respond To a Message That Asks For a Return Receipt?

How Can I Send an Encrypted or Signed Message?

Searching Messages and Attachments

How Do I Search For a Message?

Attachment Search

Viewing Attachments

What Actions Can I Perform on my Attachments?

How Do I Search for an Attachment Using Filters?

Managing Messages

What Actions Can I Perform On My Message(s)?

Mail Quota

How Do I View my Overall Mail Quota Information?

How Can I Check my Mail Quota Usage for a Particular Folder?

Managing Spam Messages

How Do I Mark a Message as Spam or Not Spam?

How Do I Delete a Message?

How Do I Print a Message?

Attaching Files to Messages

How Do I Attach a File to Message?

How Do I View a File Attached to a Message?

How Do I Save a File Attached to a Message?

Sorting Messages

How Do I Sort Messages?

Managing Folders

How Do I Create a Folder?

How Do I Rename a Folder?

How Do I Delete a Folder?

Sharing and Subscribing to Mail Folders

How Do I Share Mail Folders With Other Users?

How Do I Subscribe to a Shared Folder?

How Do I Unsubscribe From a Shared Folder?

Address Book


Instant Messaging




This topic answers your questions about how to write, send, and manage your email messages: