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Address Book


Instant Messaging

Messenger List

What is a Messenger List?

How Can I View my Messenger List?

How Do I Sort my Buddies?

How Do I Add Buddy?

How Do I Delete a Buddy?

How Do I Rename a Buddy?

How Do I Create a Buddy Group?

How Do I Rename a Buddy Group?

How Do I Delete a Buddy Group?

How Do I Move a Buddy from One Group to Another?


How Do I Send a Chat Message?

How Do I Print Chat Conversations?

How Do I Send Conversations on Email?

How Do I Chat With Multiple Buddies?

How Do I Initiate a Group Chat?

Status Message

Can I create a custom message?

Adding Avatar

How Do I Upload a New Avatar?

How Do I Restore the Default Avatar?



What is a Messenger List?

Messenger List is a list of your buddies: friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances, who also use Instant Messenger. You can send an instant message to anyone on the messenger list and start chatting. When you log in to Convergence, the list of Instant Messenger buddies are displayed in the Instant Messenger pane. To know more about an instant messenger buddy, hover the mouse pointer over a buddy.

The following information about the buddy is displayed: