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Convergence Online Help

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Overview of Convergence Online Help


Address Book


Instant Messaging

Messenger List

What is a Messenger List?

How Can I View my Messenger List?

How Do I Sort my Buddies?

How Do I Add Buddy?

How Do I Delete a Buddy?

How Do I Rename a Buddy?

How Do I Create a Buddy Group?

How Do I Rename a Buddy Group?

How Do I Delete a Buddy Group?

How Do I Move a Buddy from One Group to Another?


How Do I Send a Chat Message?

How Do I Print Chat Conversations?

How Do I Send Conversations on Email?

How Do I Chat With Multiple Buddies?

How Do I Initiate a Group Chat?

Status Message

Can I create a custom message?

Adding Avatar

How Do I Upload a New Avatar?

How Do I Restore the Default Avatar?



Adding Avatar

This topic explains how to upload images and change the existing image to your Instant Messaging profile.