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Overview of Convergence Online Help


Address Book



How Do I Quickly Create an Event?

How Do I Create an Event?

How Do I Schedule an Event in a Time Zone Other Than my Calendar Time Zone?

How do I Check the Availability of the Participants in my Events?

How Do I Clone an Event?

How Do I Edit Events That Are Already Created?

How Do I Delete Events ?

Searching Events or Tasks In My Calendar

How Do I Perform a Basic Search to Search Events or Tasks?

How Do I Perform an Advanced Search to Search for my Events or Tasks?

Recurring Events

How Do I Create a Recurring Event?


How Do I Manage My Invitations?

How Do I View All My Invitations?


In What Ways Can I Receive Reminders and How Do I set them?

Time Zones

How Do I set Time Zones for my Calendar?

How Do I Create an Event from My Email?


How Do I Quickly Create Tasks?

How Do I Create Tasks?

How Do I Edit Tasks that I Already Created?

How Do I Delete Tasks?

How Do I Search for a Task from My Calendar?


Calendar Views




Managing Calendars

How Do I Set Calendar Properties?

How Do I Share a Calendar?

How Do I Set Privacy Settings? (For CalDAV users)

How Do I Subscribe to a Calendar?

Importing and Exporting

Importing Calendars

How Do I Import Calendars Events and Tasks that I create in other Calendar Applications?

Exporting Calendars

How Do I Export my Events and Tasks?

Printing Calendars

How Do I Print Calendars?

Instant Messaging




The calendar module enables you to create tasks and record them in a selected calendar.

A task has the following attributes: